Smartphone-basierte Urintests für zu Hause

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Das Startup hat sich mit der American National Kidney Foundation und den in Pennsylvania ansässigen Geisinger Health Systems zusammengetan, um seine Heimtestpakete an US-Patienten zu vermarkten. verwandelt ein normales Smartphone in ein Gerät, das Urinanalysen nach allgemeinem Laborstandard durchführt.

Millions of people need to get their urine tested every day.

Currently, testing is only possible at a lab or point of care and requires a trained medical professional.

This centralized method of testing is inefficient and reduces access to early detection and critical preventive screenings. empowers patients to perform accurate, clinical grade urinalysis from home in a matter of minutes.

This opens up opportunities for early detection and improved prevention within existing clinical pathways.

Urinalysis is already a critical tool in the diagnosis and prevention of many pathologies.

We support existing efforts to improve care and patients’ lives. Together with our partners we enable early diagnosis of UTIs for people with Multiple Sclerosis, open up new opportunities in Chronic Kidney Disease prevention and help pregnant women monitor their health.

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