NIS 62 million was donated for the construction of Helmsley Health Discovery Tower

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The new building will include institutes and laboratories of the University of Haifa, Rambam, the Technion and other institutions, and will operate clinical institutes and research institutes.

A project headed by Rambam and the University of Haifa received NIS 62 million from the Helmsley Foundation for the construction of a 20-story building called the Helmsley Health Discovery Tower.

The new tower will be located on the hospital’s campus, adjacent to the Technion’s Faculty of Medicine. It will enable a first-time cooperation between two academic institutions, an advanced regional hospital, and the high-tech and biomedical industry.

A cooperation between the hospital and the university

This donation from the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust reflects the Foundation’s ongoing commitment to support the growth and development of Israel for the benefit of its people and all humanity

Establishment of the Helmsley Health Discovery Tower will enable one-of-a-kind cooperation between University of Haifa, Rambam Health Care Campus, and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, and will strengthen strategic partnerships with the medical device, pharmaceutical, and information technology industries.

The Tower will create a fertile environment for the advancement of medical research, development, and discovery, in order to further the development of innovative creative ideas into practical medical solutions at the regional, national, and global levels.

“The Helmsley Health Discovery Tower is an important addition to the Rambam campus and the larger Haifa community,” said Mr. Sandor Frankel, a Trustee of the Helmsley Charitable Trust. “It will improve access to health care in the northern periphery of Israel, strengthen the region, and support greater collaboration among Rambam, University of Haifa, and the Technion—three of Israel’s great institutions—as well as with the medical and biotech industry.”

A significant contribution to the future of medicine

The Helmsley Health Discovery Tower will include clinical institutes in the fields of ophthalmology and gastroenterology and Rambam’s School of Graduate Dentistry. It will also house the Clinical Research Institute at Rambam with center of excellence to advance the fields of brain research, cancer, heart, diabetes, nephrology, genetics, medical devices, minimally invasive surgery, and more.

Part of the building will be used for joint research and teaching in areas such as public health research, a research center in the field of nursing, and a center for research in the field of life sciences. The University’s expertise in the life sciences, drug development, and academic models of public health will be leveraged to address the national and global health challenges.

In addition, an innovation complex will be established, offering start-up and early-stage start-ups, such as incubators and health technology ventures, a unique platform to promote Israeli entrepreneurship, based on cooperation between academia, industry, and medicine.

A dedicated complex for the Technion will combine engineering and medical disciplines, with a focus on biomedical engineering innovation.

An additional Exhibition and Visitors Center will provide researchers, doctors, and entrepreneurs with an area where they can present and promote their research.

Professor Rafi Beyar, Director, Rambam Medical Center, thanked the Trust for its support: “I thank the Helmsley Foundation and Mr. Sandor Frenkel for the tremendous support we have received for this project with the University of Haifa. Establishment of the Health Discovery Tower is part of the vision of Rambam Medical Center, which combines medicine, technology, and humanitarian values.”

“This contribution is another significant milestone in the march with our academic partners to achieve the goal—leading the future of medicine worldwide and positioning the hospital at the forefront of the world’s leading institutes in medicine and research.”

Professor Ron Rubin, President of the University of Haifa, noted that, “The generous contribution of the Helmsley Charitable Trust will provide a jump-start for our excellent researchers in making even more significant contributions to the clinical care of the people of our region, our nation, and the world.”

“The signing of this agreement is significant towards expansion of the University of Haifa’s educational and research activities, as part of the transformation process into a ‘multiversity.’ I am certain that the joint activity of researchers from various fields, together with the excellent physicians of Rambam Health Care Campus, will lead to productive scientific breakthroughs.”

The donation will be given to KMR an Israeli charitable company founded in 2003 by Rambam’s executive leadership. Its mission is to support the hospital and to develop and promote Rambam and its assets in order to provide medical services through its own fundraising activities.


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