Frauen führen in israelischen Biowissenschaften

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Biotechnology is booming, and women are leading the way. The ratio of women to men in the bio-medical industry in Israel is about 70-30. Based on the large number of women who have been educated in the life sciences, the field is being dominated by women. In addition, the life science industry appreciates experience, education and long-term commitment, and for those who are passionate, the industry suits a life of purpose, and patient financial gain.

While someone with 3 years of experience may earn up to 11,000 NIS, someone with 5 years of experience may make up to 30,000 NIS. There is a high demand in the industry, and a recent report shows that over 40 life science startups were founded just in 2016. Because these companies need employees and are looking for experience, women are filling roles not just as employees but as entrepreneurs, investors, head researchers and CEOs.

The life sciences field and working in biomed can provide sustainable salaries, growth and development opportunities, and is based on basic systems and research. As the startup nation, almost $5 billion dollars was invested in Israeli hi-tech companies, and about $8 million of that went to the life science startups. Most positions in the life sciences require long term education or a PhD, and women find the way to raise a family and develop a successful lifetime career driven by passion and purpose. Is it possible to have it all? Educated women in life science may have discovered just the right equation, and the right field, to try to find that “work life balance.”


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